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Tangled Verdict 

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Novella-The V-Files (A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller)
After years at the top of her legal game, Victoria mounts a campaign to become a US Senator. Days before voting closes, scandal erupts. Blackmail, infidelity, murder, and the unchecked power of a federal judge threaten her campaign, future and freedom. Victoria hires a well-connected Washington DC lawyer to help navigate the mounting evidence. With only hours to spare, Victoria and her team must untangle the seemingly inevitable verdict about to be handed down against her.

Private Agendas

Book II of The V-Files (A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller)
Blackmail, sex trafficking, and kidnapping. Victoria’s back!
This time Victoria’s in danger of having her life destroyed by the private agendas of the powerful and corrupt. Obsessed with growing her own law firm and stopping her former colleagues from trying to ruin her reputation with trumped up charges, Victoria and her friends are on the hunt. They need evidence to prove Victoria’s innocence. Unless she can get others to step forward, she’ll be left to singlehandedly try to reveal the dark underbelly of her former firm. But witnesses have disappeared, almost as if into thin air. Desperate and frustrated, Victoria and her friends concoct a last-minute plan that will set in motion a series of events in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Chicago. Will it work?

Deviant Agendas

Book I of The V-Files (A Victoria Rodessa Legal Thriller)
Smart, sexy, sassy and driven—Victoria Rodessa just graduated from one of the country’s top law schools and joined the international and highly respected firm Acker, Smith & McGowen. When Victoria lands a prized assignment vital to the ambitions of the firm’s founding partners, she sets out to become the first woman partner at the firm. But behind closed doors, deviant agendas are at work. With only her intellect and guts to guide her, Victoria confronts a perfect storm of misogyny, lies and criminal intent. If she follows her conscience, she could lose everything. But keeping silent could come at an even higher cost.

The 10 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

This book is really the title: it is a compilation of Katherine’s 10 most important life truths–things she really wished someone had told her at the start of her career journey. Things that would have made navigating the ups and downs of life as a single mom and a career woman a little bit easier. Sometimes, just knowing that others have been through things you are experiencing, and actually came out the other side if not unscathed but whole, is a boost to your future progress. These are 10 Things that consistently come up during conversations with women working through life, career choices, and while working toward their goals.

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